Ski Mount Etna 3,340m- Catania, Italy

Sicily. Volcanoes. Snow. How do all of these things together make any sense? Well you have to see it to believe it is true. And true it is - some of the best corn snow I have skied was on Mt Etna last year. And yes the food is pretty good too.

Now pack all those things together and what you get is some incredibly good skiing in one of the most inspiring places in the world. There aren’t many places in the world where you can be skiing on a volcano and see the sea at your feet. Unique.

The conditions do not come together every year but the last few have been incredibly good. In fact last year there was more snow at the base of Etna than in most places in the Alps.
This course will include the use of some lift access to allow for a convenient, quick approach on certain days. Each day we will try to reach the summit of Etna of which there are 4 main craters that comprise Mt Etna. We will explore the north, south and east sides of the peak to better understand how big this volcano really is and also include a full tour of the mountain. An optional evening can be spent at the lovely Citelli Hut to better appreciate the terrain.

Lodging is located a short distance form the base of the mountain in a comfortable hotel in the town of Nicolosi. This cozy town offers a great choice of food and provides an atmosphere one can only find in Italy - La Dolce Vita.

Week highlights include:

  • skiing from the crater of an active volcano
  • making a full circle tour of the mountain
  • overnight at typical mountain hut
  • sample some of the best food and wine that Europe has to offer
  • The week is capped with the traditional celebratory evening dinner and prizes will be awarded to guests for "special categories"
5 days of skiing on Mount Etna in Sicily. Adventure skiing from the highest active volcano in Europe.

Cost Includes:

  • Guide fees
  • accommodation based on dbl occupancy
  • assistance for travel logistics and planning

Cost Exclusions:

  • lift fees 
  • meals or drinks
  • personal equipment
  • travel to or from the course departure point
  • rescue insurance

Ski Tour of Mount Etna Details

Day 1 Arrival in Catania
An impromptu meet and greet at the Catania airport, rental van pick-up and a short drive to our hotel in Nicolosi. Once at the hotel, the fun get started with proper welcome drinks - aperitivi and the course presentation followed by dinner.
Night in Nicolosi.

Elevation gain : 714m / Vertical loss : 1200m / Moving time: 5-6h

Day 2 Bocca Nouva Crater
Our fist day "on the hill" here and as you will soon see, it is quite the hill…
We will gear up and start with a warm up skin to the one of the 4 main craters that comprise Etna, most likely the Bocca Nouva located on the SW side. After the typical smoke inhalation and a few summit photo shots, we will most likely ski down the interesting southern side of the mountain. If the conditions are prime we are looking at around 1600m of corn skiing fun. Aperitivi and apericena take 1.
Night in Nicolosi.

Elevation gain : 714m / Vertical loss : 1200m / Moving time: 5-6h

Day 3 Lap around Etna - Overnight stay at the Citelli Hut
Today is a special treat as we plan on doing an entire tour around the peak. This offers a great chance to see all sides of the mountain and the incredibly different panoramas that each side offers. After having reached our high point, the north crater, we head down the east side of the mountain. Our descent will be via the incredible Bove valley - which offers nearly 2000m vertical drop and is one of the most picturesque off piste runs I have done. Surreal scenery, coupled with old lava flows and bright green mediterranean vegetation. Out of this world.
Night at the Citelli Hut.

Elevation gain : 714m / Vertical loss : 1200m / Moving time: 5-6h

Day 4 Harvesting Corn
This morning after an early rise, we head back up towards the Val di Bove and continue our tour around Etna to reach the long, interesting southern slopes. This side of the mountain often has the best snow and some of the longest runs and we intend on taking full advantage of them.
Night in Nicolosi.

Elevation gain : 714m / Vertical loss : 1200m / Moving time: 5-6h

Day 5 One Final Push
On our last day we have the opportunity for one last blast up the hill. This time we will probably head up the north side of the mountain which offers some surprisingly perfect unspoiled scenery and a very long descent of over 1400m into pine forests. If we are lucky, we will have one last chance to sample some more apertivi before driving to the airport and flying home :)

Elevation gain : 714m / Vertical loss : 1200m / Moving time: 5-6h

* Actual course details may vary due to safety reasons and the guide may modify the itinerary due to terrain, weather or other conditions


    5 days, 4 nights

    February  5-9

    Custom dates are also available - please contact me for more information


    Required Level:
    Excellent base fitness
    Solid off-piste skiing level, upper intermediate skiers capable of linking parallel turns
    Some previous ski touring experience is helpful

    Skiing/Climbing Grade:
    Skiing may include sustained 35 degree slopes. S2/3

    Technical Level:
    3 out of 5

    Fitness Level:
    3 out of 5


    1,195 € / pp with min 2 guests
    2,595 € private arrangement

    Group Size:
    Maximum group size is 6 : 1

    Local links

    Course Base:
    Nicolosi, Italy

    Local Airport:
    Catania, Italy CTA

    Equipment List

    Off-Piste Skiing Courses

    • Your ski clothing (socks, hats, extra gloves, goggles w/ extra lenses).
    • Your personal ski gear (boots, skis – tuned and waxed, poles).
    • A small day pack 20-30l for food/water and extra clothing 
    • A mountaineering style harness with opening leg loops and a locking pear shaped HMS carabiner
    • Avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe
    • Optional ABS style pack (not mandatory)

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