selvaggio blu - sardinia, italy

The Selvaggio Blu is all about what adventure is meant to be. Off the grid and de-connected from the modern world, we take a step back in time to re-discover some true values of life. No signs of civilisation or life, no roads, no houses - simply true nature.
From the crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean sea to the ever present ocer limestone cliffs towering above to the oak filled forests and scarce vegetation clinging for life above the sea. Explore untracked passages, sleep by the tranquil sea in a cove or perhaps on a hillside in a shepherds hut...
The Selvaggio Blu is a true odyssey in every sense of the word. 


Course Highlights:

  • 7 days of absolute true adventure
  • learn how to de-connect and get back to nature
  • find oneself on this epic journey above the Sardinian seaside

Cost Includes:

  • Guide fees
  • all meals
  • local logistics for supplies
  • group equipment
  • assistance for travel logistics and planning

Cost Exclusions:

  • Lodging when in town
  • travel to or from the course departure point of Cagliari, Sardinia
  • rescue insurance

Selvaggio Blu Typical Program

The SelvaggioBlu is often referred to ask one of the hardest walks in all of Italy. In truth - yes it is hard but this is largely due to the fact that the Selvaggio Blu takes place in one of the most unspoiled places in all of Europe. The days are long, they are hot, the nights are cool and the ground is hard. But you will be rewarded with some of the finest memories of your life. 



First evening welcome drink and itinerary briefing.

Day 1

We will meet in the afternoon in Santa Maria Navarrese and check together the equipment for the trek.

Day 2

Let’s go! Bacu tenadili passed with short and easy climbing,  and then we’ll arrive in a beautiful creek portu pedrosu from where will enjoy some great swimming and dinner. On request, I can organize a dinner with typical little Sardinian pork “porcetto sardo”)

Day 3

We will transfer from Santa Maria Navarrese to Cala Goloritzè and take the trail which leads to the marvellous beach of Gloritzé. We will stay there for the afternoon and the evening.

Day 4

We will be walking from Cala Goloritzè to Bacu Mudaloru. This will take us from 6 to 7 hours. It’s one of the most beautiful part of the hiking tour. We will go up the canyon of Boladina helped with the rope. We will climb a little bit (30 meters, grade 4) and enjoy amazing views with some caves. We will be staying on the beach in Bacu Mudaloru.

Day 5

We will hike from Bacu Mudaloru to Cala Biriola. This will take us around 6 hours. After few hours, we will arrive at Danno, a particular and tight path in the rocks called Sa Nurca. After that we will have 3 abseiling passages before crossing the beautiful Biriola forest and arriving on the beach.

Day 6

We will hike from Cala Biriola to Cala Sisine. We will be walking in the forest of Biriola and Orronnoro. Some short climbing (10 meters, grade 4) will be required. We will end up in Cala Sisine for a last swim before going back to Santa Maria Navarrese with the boat.

Day 7

End of the adventure and flight back home.


    7 days, 6 nights

    April 7-13
    October 13-19

    This course is also available on a custom basis from the beginning of October through the end of November. You can custom choose your dates. Please inquire for availability.


    Required Level:
    Good base fitness – prior hill walking experience is greatly appreciated but not absolutely necessary.
    Average length of the day is 6h of moving time and expect a very warm, dry climate.

    Group Size:
    Maximum group size is 6 : 1

    Technical Level:
    1 out of 5

    Fitness Level:
    3 out of 5


    995 € /pp based on a minimum group of 4
    1,595 € /pp for a private group of 2 (such a couple) 

    Group Size:
    Maximum group size is 6 : 1

    Local links

    Course Base:
    Santa Maria Navarrese, Sardinia

    Local Airport:
    Cagliari, Sardinia

    Equipment List

    Here is what you will typically have in your pack when going to a hut and or climbing


    • Gore-Tex (or similar breathable hardshell clothing) Jacket and pants
    • Gaiters
    • Lightweight softshell climbing pants
    • Lightweight thermal top (polypro, smartwool or capilene)
    • Fleece or synthetic insulation jacket
    • Warm ski gloves w/ leather palms if possible and a shell over-mitt
    • Spare pair of lightweight spring gloves or wool liners
    • Warm hat or balaclava
    • Baseball cap (for the sun)
    • 2 pairs of socks
    • Glacier glasses or Cat 4 sunglasses


    • Harness * w/ 2 locking carabiners and a belaying device
    • 2 prussik loops
    • 1 long sling
    • ice axe *  typically anything over 60cm is too long
    • Crampons * w/ anti- balling plates
    • Mountaineering boots *. Leather is the preferred choice. Make certain your crampons work on them !
    • helmet
    • Rock shoes *
    • A small rucksack 30-35l (2000c.i.) is plenty big enough
    • Headlamp with new batteries
    • Telescopic poles - help take a load off you legs and back
    • Small compact camera, GoPro or just simply your camera phone (avoid bringing along a heavy DSLR)
    • Personal first aid kit (second skin, aspirin, toilet articles)
    • Sun block and lip cream
    • Water bottle 1 liter minimum - I prefer metallic bottles
    • sleeping bag liner for the huts

    (items with * can be rented in most alpine areas such as Chamonix or Zermatt)


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