rock climbing trips - kalymnos, greece

With an incredible choice of routes, levels of difficulty and different rocks, Kalymnos is the perfect to finish the "climbing season" 
There aren't many other places where one can climb steep tufas at the low grade 6 level. You will quickly obtain confidence and push your limits to new heights. Through proven teaching methods, your rock climbing skills are guaranteed to improve.

Course Highlights:

  • A true climbing holidays complete with 6 days of outstanding climbing in mind blowing settings
  • essential instruction for safe, fun climbing
  • opportunities to sample local fare and also for sightseeing

November 8-14, 2016

6 days, 5 nights


Course Base:
Kos, Greece

Local Airport:
Kos Int'l Airport, Greece - KGS


Required Level:
Good fitness - prior belaying experience is a plus

Climbing Grade:
Capable of following F5 - 5.7 - UK4 VS


Group Size:
Maximum group size is 6 : 1 


From 659€ pp with a minimum group of 3

Cost Includes:
Guide fees and my travel

Cost Exclusions:
Lodging, food, drinks, and my lodging and food. 

Some useful links for you to help plan your arrival:
Ferry timetable - between Kos and Kalymnos
Flights - try using this search engine Kayak - lastest price RT from Geneva was 248€

Other locations and destinations are available - please inquire.


Focus : learn rock craft skills as well as key fundamentals to become self sufficient.

  • develop good footwork and movement skills keys to successful climbing

  • perfect and discover new belaying techniques

  • perfect rope craft, knots, rappelling

  • overcome your fear of falling to push your letter grade higher

  • learn to lead climb

  • climb multi-pitch routes

  • tips and tricks - self rescue, etc

  • have fun!


The fine print:

Level: Able to follow or top rope grade F5a is the minimum requirement. All guests can climb at the level they are comfortable with. You don't need to be able to lead climb but if you'd like to learn this is the perfect opportunity!

Logistics and getting there:  
I can offer help as needed on the best way to get there - some links below

Lodging : 
We will be based in "downtown" Kalymnos in an apartment. This way you are free to prepare your own breakfast at your own pace. Lunch is at the crag and the evening dinner is taken at one of the numerous local restaurants - many of which offer fresh seafood.

Two choices The Apollonnia Hotel

Lodging - This is a nice place to stay and runs about 40€ pp

There will also be adequate time for sightseeing and visits, since there is a lot to see and explore in addition to the climbing. You will have time for leisure activities such as swimming, walking or your morning run as well.

Equipment : All you need to bring is your individual gear – harness, rock shoes, belaying device, helmet, small day pack and of course clothing suitable for climbing. The weather is typically warm but the evenings can also be cool, so a variety of different layers would be best. All the group equipment is provided – i.e. ropes, slings, ‘biners, draws, etc. Feel free to bring your own personal gear if you are more comfortable climbing with it.

* Actual course details and climbs may vary depending on conditions and or participants level.

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