Climbing Trips - 2019

Rock climbing in Europe is certainly the dream of many and it's pretty easy to understand why - the abundance of incredible climbing venues offer everything from sacred limestone to granite to gneiss to conglomerate in various shapes, lengths and forms.
Join me on a climbing trip to see for yourself why it is so much fun - careful you might get addicted!

Week long trips offered each spring and autumn to exciting locations - a welcome balance of sport and culture that are certain to please.

Autumn 2018 - Amalfi Coast, Italy November 10-17, 2018

Kalymnos, Greece - April 12-18, 2019


Focus : learn rock craft skills as well as key fundamentals to become self sufficient.

  • develop good footwork and movement skills keys to successful climbing

  • perfect and discover new belaying techniques

  • perfect rope craft, knots, rappelling

  • overcome your fear of falling to push your letter grade higher

  • learn to lead climb

  • climb multi-pitch routes

  • tips and tricks - self rescue, etc

  • have fun!