Avalanche Awareness

Would you be ready in case things went wrong?

Would you be ready in case things went wrong?

It's that time of the year where everyone is excited about getting out skiing. That typically means loads of fun - and rightfully it should be just that - FUN.

But the beginning of the year should also be the time to review you avi skills, catch up on what is new and make sure all of your gear is in perfect working order.

I have linked an article from Backcountry magazine below that summarises some of the main points very well. 
Keep in mind - those mountains aren't going anywhere.
In every week long course I run, teaching avi awareness is always part of the program.

link to the article here https://backcountrymagazine.com/stories/mountain-skills-overcome-avalanche-education-anxiety/

some additional points to ponder here http://www.nosiesta.com/tech-tips-1/