How to spend it...

With winter seemingly just around the corner and everyone stoked to the max to get out and slide in the white stuff - I thought it would be a good idea to share this article. 

Everyone is super hyped up and many of you have even been to the movies or local ski stoke get together and you're feeling like you're ready to crush it.

Well - don't just yet. How about taking a course in "avi awareness" first. Or even better yet combine the knowledge part with the fun sliding in the white stuff part too. 

What I offer in the pre season isn't about in depth snow analysis but more about how we as a group make our decisions and why. 

This is money well spent - knowing where you're headed, in what conditions and knowing how to use your safety gear are far better backcountry skills to acquire.

So choose your course wisely and spend the money smartly.

My 2016/17 course dates are 25-27 November and 9-11 December. Contact me for the details.

Have a read/listen to this interesting article published by the Denver Post when you have a few minutes.