Skiing on Mount Etna is what adventure skiing is all about. There’s an always interesting mix of great snow, mind blowing vistas, typically outstanding Italian food and healthy measure of fun.

People often look at me with amazement when I say that some of the best corn snow I have ever skied has been here in Sicily. But it’s all true. The highest peaks reach to well over 3330 meters and provide reliable good snow conditions. The combination of dreamy easy snow and skiing off an active volcano whilst starring at the cobalt blue Mediterranean sea is a tough combo to beat.

What about the snow? – Well as is often the case when part fo the Alps are having a dry year, the southerly flow provides generous amounts of snow for Mount Etna.

Come experience this unique opportunity to have 5 days of adventure freeride skiing in a place most only dream about.

Dates: February 8-12, 2017
Cost: 995e per person – includes lodging, local transportation, guide fees and guaranteed good times.